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Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology

RFID tags are Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) devices with the capacity for safe, fast, and robust reading/ writing, storage and remote retrieval of data via radio waves.

RFID can:

  • Provide explosives manufacturers and major mining companies with a technological and business advantage, especially those trading with EU countries
  • Seamlessly integrate a Explosive Tracking Code into your current inventory system
  • Improve security and accountability of explosives between manufacturing and field application
  • Improve tracking of explosives and detonators in the field for better post-blast analysis
  • Furthermore, the use of 13.56 MHz read/write RFID tags meet important safety considerations because:
  • It is below the power required to reach the minimum no fire zone for an electric detonator
  • It is a magnitude greater than the Australian Standards (AS 2187.2-2006), where it states that no mobile phone devices in the 800 to 2100MHz range are allowed within 20 metres of explosives
  • RFID can provide both an inventory tagging process along with product traceability throughout every stage of manufacturing and use of explosives.

To learn more about RFID view this word document.

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