MAGsafe® is a computerized cabinet designed to record explosive movements into and out of explosives ...

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Patent opertunties now available

posted on 22-10-2013

GTS is now seeking expression of interest in a joint venture agreement with GTS patents and Trademarks. DETrack: grant in the USA and a number of other counties, and IEtracker: also granted in a number of counties For further information... Continue Reading

More Patents granted

posted on 1-08-2013

GTS has more patents granted: DETrack now have patents in Australia, South Africa and two in the USA IEtracker now have patents in Australia, China, Eurasian, South Africa and the USA Continue Reading

IEtracker first international patent has been granted in South African Patent (2009 / 04526) and this patent came into effect on the 19th day of February 2010. GTS is now looking forward to MAGsafe joining GTS growing international patent... Continue Reading

RFID technology is getting smarter, faster and easier to use, and is being integrated into our everyday lives at a faster and higher level then ever before—and explosives are next. Continue Reading

GTS is pleased to announce that DETrack has been granted a South African Patent (2007 / 09952) in effect from the 26th day of November 2008. GTS is now looking forward to other DETrack patents being awarded and will advise once each country... Continue Reading

GTS was invited to the international conference in Singapore to make a presentation on 'Explosives Tracking in tomorrows world with RFID' Continue Reading