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MAGsafe® is a computerized cabinet designed to record explosive movements into and out of explosives ...

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About us

Our Company belief is that we must demand of ourselves and of each other, the highest standards of both individual and corporate integrity. GTS management and personnel believe that in continually motivating each other, we will continue to grow and develop our business. We honor the commitments we make.

Our Vision

Is to be providing products and systems to manufactures, suppliers and consumers that will deliver faster and more accurate analysis of data and information. This will allow GTS to be providing both companies and nations around the world, with the ability to control the tracking of explosives and dangerous goods.

Our Mission

To provide increased safety and security to the world through the tracking of explosives and dangerous goods. Through current and future design, and development of quality, high performance innovative products and systems. To continually develop and market our brands through a network of partners, distributors and strategic alliances.


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